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Easy Way to Record a Remote Podcast: Tutorial

If you want to learn how to record a remote podcast with the best professional outcome I have some crucial points for you – so please take a seat.

Usually all you need is a recording device (smartphone / laptop / tablet) and a recording- or conference-application. If you want to know what might be the best software solutions or apps, please let’s talk about your specific devices.

Depending on budget and system, there are quite a lot of great apps I can recommend. As a podcaster who has done nearly every kind of setup I will offer you customized consulting – please leave me a note if you are interested.

Podcast Gear For Beginners:

  • smartphone / tablet /laptop
  • podcasting app like zencastr / riverside or streamyard
  • built in mic / usb mic / clip-on or headset
  • headphones
  • a bookshelf or desk and / or a tripod for your phone

You shoud have a very good wifi or better a wired internet connection if available!

Nowadays everybody is a broadcaster – no matter if you are vlogging, podcasting or even if you are just doing a video call. There is always this moment you might notice the sound, the light or even the pictures could use an extra bit of attention.

If you want to improve the quality of your video / audio content make sure to follow some simple guidelines:

  • use a tripod for the camera / smartphone and adjust it on eye level
  • use the natural light of a window for your face or have an extra lighspot
  • use a clip-on mic or an dynamic mic and fix it right below you mouth
  • use a silent room with no or low echo reflections
  • monitor you voice with some good headphones

If you think you need more insights just write me via mail. You can also find me on Linkedin.

For tutorials how to publish your podcast wait for the next blog entry.